What’s new this year?

logo with frameTeachers are back at Allatoona preparing for 2020-21 and quite a bit is new with a digital start to school but some things will remain the same. The Bookaneers Book Club will be meeting as usual, only digitally. There is no cost to join and I would love to have some new faces join our awesome group of readers! We are planning to read one book per month and meet via Microsoft Teams. I am working on a list of current, high-interest YA titles representing various genres. Be on the lookout for the book list and meeting dates.

Also, the Allatoona Library will be offering weekly digital book checkout with curbside drop off/pick up. Details are being worked out, but know that you will be able to check out books! Also, I am taking requests and placing book orders so please let me know if you have recommendations!

Many of you have emailed, concerned about the books that you have at home. We never charge overdue fines and we certainly aren’t going to start now.  Share your books with a family member, tuck them in a safe place and hold tight until you can make a return. Do not worry about this!

If there is any way I can assist you, please don’t hesitate to email. I miss you all! Stay well, Buccaneers!

Author: Gena Cochran

Allatoona Media Specialist

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