Mentorship Assignment Week 3

Hi Allatoona Mentors! Hope you all are hanging in there! I really miss seeing everyone in the library and around school but I am so thankful that we are safe at home. Continue reading your leadership book however you do not have a video due this week.

Many of you (especially those enjoying The Energy Bus) will be interested in The Power of Positive Summit which begins online tomorrow.

“Put the Power of Positive to work for you. Learn from our 30+ elite speakers that include bestselling authors, top leaders, NFL/NBA/College players/coaches, and more. Each speaker will share a short video message, which includes actionable advice, that will help you to stay positive, overcome challenges and make a greater difference”

I am looking forward to watching many of the speakers and hope you will check out this opportunity. Continue working hard in your academic classes and enjoy having next week off! Stay safe!


Author: Gena Cochran

Allatoona Media Specialist

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