Thinglink, TouchCast, Skype field trips and it’s only Wednesday!


The library has been super busy this week! I have enjoyed working with lots of Brit Lit students who are currently reading Macbeth. Mrs. Taylor’s students created Thinglink projects and compared the themes of Macbeth to current events, music and other media. Mrs. Bolls’ students created TouchCast videos reenacting the story of the death of King Duncan and the dark foreshadowing of things to come. I am always impressed with the creativity of our students! Mrs. Kurtz took Coach Vickrey’s students on an awesome Skype field trip into a volcano in San Salvador!

I am looking forward to meeting the the Bookaneers tomorrow morning at 7:45 to discuss Trouble is a Friend of Mine!

Now is a great time to return your overdue books and be sure to stop by to pick up something to read over Thanksgiving Break!

Author: Gena Cochran

Allatoona Media Specialist

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