Please make a note! We have moved to a single sign in for Office 365 and Cobb Digital Library/MackinVIA

When at school, log in in as usual. Click Cobb Digital Library icon or go to You will now be automatically logged in.

From home, students and staff will use O365 credentials to access.

Students use O365 email ( and your computer password.

Staff, use O365 email and computer password.

Not sure of your O365 email address?

Go to StudentVue and click on Account Login Info on bottom left.

The Creativity Room

Blog Post by Media Center Mentor, Laney Foust

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Here in the creativity room, students come to show a sense of their personalities.  We use the tools and materials in the room to create many different projects and pieces.  This is a space where students can come to clear their heads of any stress or anxiety, and let it all out on a piece of paper.